Grip-Rite® Ninja Hidden Deck Clip – PTIA 2023 Award Winner

Grip-Rite® has proudly received the prestigious 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award for its groundbreaking Grip-Rite® Ninja Hidden Deck Clip. 

In 2023, the 11th anniversary of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards was celebrated, marking another year of record-breaking submissions. A multitude of innovative product entries from various manufacturers specializing in tools, fasteners, and accessories poured in. These innovations span a wide range, from enhanced power and improved battery life to the introduction of novel accessories and fasteners. 

Here’s what the PTIA judges had to say about the Grip-Rite Ninja Hidden Deck Clip: 

Using clips to get consistent spacing and screwdriving makes for outstanding deck building results. The big headache is that they don’t always stay where you put them. That’s where the Grip-Rite Ninja Hidden Deck Clips come in. By gripping the grooves, they stay exactly where you put them, speeding up your installation and saving you a ton of time. You’re not limited to a basic installation, though. Whether you want a straight, diagonal, or herringbone pattern, Ninja Hidden Deck Clips help you get the install done right.

During an exhaustive evaluation process that spanned several dozen man-hours, the PTIA judges meticulously assessed a wide array of state-of-the-art power tools, hand tools, fasteners, products, and accessories. The selection of award recipients was grounded in a range of critical criteria. The honored products set themselves apart through their groundbreaking features, superior power performance, innovative ergonomics, technological advancements, enhancements in on-site safety, and remarkable value proposition. The winners of the 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Awards serve as a testament to the companies and products that propel the construction, landscaping, automotive, and manufacturing sectors forward. These pioneering products rightly earn recognition for their pivotal role in advancing progress within their respective industries. 

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