Grip-Rite® Flex-Rite™ Air Compressor Hose

The Grip-Rite® Flex-Rite air compressor hose with fittings is a fantastic addition to your pneumatic toolbox. Lightweight and made of hybrid blend of PVC and rubber, this hose is easy to store, transport, and pack up at the end of the day. A kink-resistant hose that is field repairable and simple to recoil, the Flex-Rite air compressor hose is a low maintenance no-fuss pneumatic solution. The Flex-Rite hose withstands even the harshest working conditions, operating at any temperature between -40⁰F and 150⁰F. It has a pressure rating of 300 psi, making it ideal for a wide range of projects and jobs. Get the job done without any hassle with the light and compact Flex-Rite air compressor hose.

Features & Benefits

  • 300-900 PSI (3:1 burst ratio)

  • Field repairable

  • Kink resistant

  • Swivel fittings, 6-ball coupler, and plug included

  • 1/4-inch six-ball coupler and plug on ends for ease of use

  • Temperature range: -40°F – 150°F

  • Ultimate flexibility and memory resistance in extreme temperature

  • Backed by a one year limited warranty

To see the full line of air hoses and other pneumatic accessories offered by Grip-Rite, visit the air hoses page.

GRFLEX1450C 1/4” 50’ Yes
GRFLEX14100C 1/4” 100’ Yes
GRFLEX3850C 3/8” 50’ Yes
GRFLEX38100C 3/8” 100’ Yes

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