Roofing Nail with Neoprene Washer

Grip-Rite® Roofing Nails with Neoprene Washer is used when installing metal or fiberglass roofing. The additional neoprene washer creates a seal against water, the sharp point easily penetrates the metal.

Features & Benefits

  • Rink shank provides greater holding power

  • Checkered flat head eliminates slippage of the hammer on the head

  • Hot dipped galvanized for better corrosion resistance against rust

  • Metts or exceeds ASTM A-153 requirement for use in treated lumber

* Material Number Material Description Fastener Point Type Gauge Product Length Shank Type Head Size fraction Head Type Coating/ Finish Packaging Type Approximate Count
134HGNEO1 1-3/4 HDG RS NEO ROOFING NAIL 1# Diamond Point 10 gauge 1-3/4 " Ring 3/8 " Flat Head HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED 1# Box 107

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