Collated Screws

Grip-Rite® offers reliable collated solutions for subfloor, drywall, and exterior construction projects, delivering both the quality and value contractors expect at an undeniable value.  With a range of coatings and warranties lasting from 10 years to the life of the project, Grip-Rite exterior screws are available in multiple colors and package sizes to accommodate projects large & small. Get the job done right with Grip-Rite!

Subfloor Screws

Grip-Rite® subfloor screws are used to for securely fastening subfloor sheathing to wood joists. They are also widely used for many crating and pallet applications.


  • Available in coarse thread
  • #2 Phillips Drive
  • Phosphate coating and Zinc Plated
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM C 1002/C 954
  • Designed to attach gypsum board to wood studs or light-gauge steel