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Thanks for stopping by our booth at the 2023 NAHB International Builders Show!

Grip-Rite® is excited to showcase our new products for 2023. Check out the new product details here or explore our existing offerings on the products page.

The Grip-Rite family of products continues to grow, bringing professional grade innovations to all our product categories. Grip-Rite is the brand you can count on, for every project and on every jobsite. At Grip-Rite, WE BUILD AMERICA.

Grip-Rite® Ninja™ Hidden Deck Clip

Installations are 31% faster with the Grip-Rite® Ninja™ Hidden Deck Clip!* Take the guesswork out of deck board spacing with one clip. No more frustration with clips falling out of the groove and onto the ground. The compression fit levers hold the clip in position and evenly space the deck boards making installation quick and easy. Simply insert the clips into the board at each joist, slide the next deck board in place, and fasten the PrimeGuard Max-coated stainless-steel screws. The serrated razor teeth grab the board on either side to ensure a secure hold…and the innovative Flex-Fit universal clip design means you can create straight, diagonal or herringbone patterns using a single style clip. You’ll get the job done right in less time with a beautiful, long-lasting finish, thanks to the innovative new Grip-Rite Ninja Hidden Deck Clip!   

Features & Benefits:

  • Install decks 31% faster and save valuable time
  • Includes a pre-assembled compression fit Grip-Bite™ clip with stainless steel screws
  • One-pass fast and easy installation with a compression fit lever 
  • Grip-Bite™ serrated teeth firmly lock deck boards into place  
  • Marine grade Stainless steel resists corrosion and exposure to the elements 
  • The hidden deck clip takes the guesswork out of deck spacing, perfectly connecting grooved deck boards for a seamless deck appearance 
  • Flex-Fit™ universal design can be used with PVC or composite grooved deck boards for a variety of deck patterns including straight, diagonal, and herringbone 
  • For use with Wolf, TREX, and Fiberon grooved deck boards
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

To see the full line of hand drive screws for various applications offered by Grip-Rite, visit the hand drive screw page.


*Deck installation is 31% faster than leading competitors’ products. Based upon a single, independent study conducted by professional contractors. 

  2. Installation Booklet
  3. Warranty

    Material Number Material Description Case Quantity Product Package Dimensions
    GRNJC31650 GRIP-RITE NINJA HIDDEN DECK CLIP 316SS 50SQ FT 90 4.13L x 6.67W x 2.87H
    GRNJC316500 GRIP-RITE NINJA HIDDEN DECK CLIP 316SS 500SQ FT BK 900 9.93L x 9.5W x 7.6H


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