The Ultimate Protection

Protect windows, walls, and doors from leaks drafts, and unnecessary moisture while saving time and money. 

Experience Peace of Mind

At Grip-Rite®, we stand behind the reliability and durability of our GRIP-RITE® MOISTURE PROTECTION SYSTEM. We’re committed to delivering top-quality products that safeguard your building against moisture. That’s why we offer a robust warranty that covers materials and labor to repair any leaks caused by manufacturing defects in our weather-resistive barrier, flashing, and adhesive products when used as a complete system.

Filing a Claim

If you encounter any issues, rest assured that initiating a warranty claim is straightforward. Simply submit a claim form within 30 days of discovering a potential issue. Remember to include your original proof of purchase and any other pertinent information to help us assess your claim efficiently.

For further assistance or to ask any questions about our warranty and claim process, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team at 1-800-676-7777.

Trust Grip-Rite® – We’re here to protect your investment and ensure your peace of mind.

15 Year Limited Warranty