Copper Flashing and Termite Shield

Grip-Rite® Copper Deck Flashing & Termite Shield provides superior protection for use with all pressure-treated lumber.  Aluminum and galvanized steel are not recommended for use with most pressure-treated lumber. Grip-Rite Copper Deck Flashing & Termite Shield works by isolating galvanized fasteners from pressure-treated wood, so your deck and windows look better and last longer.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with ACQ and all other pressure-treated lumber

  • Superior termite shield protection 

  • Everlam technology isolates galvanized parts and protects from corrosion

  • Non-asphalt, 100% waterproof adhesive will not stain concrete, vinyl, or wood

  • Resist temperatures up to 275°F without separation

  • UV protection for life

  • Life of the deck warranty


SKU Width Length Rolls/Box Rolls/Pallet
GRCPR8203 8in. 20ft. 4 240
GRCPR10203 10in. 20ft. 4 240
GRCPR12203 12in. 20ft. 4 240
GRCPR16203 16in. 20ft. 4 180
GRCPR8603 8in. 60ft. 4 192
GRCPR10603 10in. 60ft. 4 192
GRCPR12603 12in. 60ft. 4 192
GRCPR16603 16in. 60ft. 2 60

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