Roll Flashing

Grip-Rite® flashing is placed around discontinuities or objects which protrude from the roof of a building, such as pipes, chimneys, or the edges of other roofs to deflect water away from seams or joints.

Features & Benefits

  • Aluminum Roll Flashing is great or weatherproofing the home

  • Manufactured in aluminum material to provide rust resistance

  • Adds additional protection for your roof against the elements

  • General purpose use for a variety of applications


SKU Guage Width Length
RVG101034 34 10 10
RVG102534 34 10 25
RVG105034 34 10 50
RVG121034 34 12 10
RVG122534 34 12




810ALFEC   8in. 10ft. Aluminum Economy
1010ALFEC   10in. 10ft. Aluminum Economy
1210ALFEC   12in. 10ft. Aluminum Economy
1410ALFEC   14in. 10ft. Aluminum Economy
825ALFEC   8in. 25ft. Aluminum Economy
1225ALFEC   12in. 25ft. Aluminum Economy
450ALFEC   4in. 50ft. Aluminum Economy
650ALFEC   6in. 50ft. Aluminum Economy
850ALFEC   8in. 50ft. Aluminum Economy
1050ALFEC   10in. 50ft. Aluminum Economy
1250ALFEC   12in. 50ft. Aluminum Economy
1450ALFEC   14in. 50ft. Aluminum Economy
1650ALFEC   16in. 50ft. Aluminum Economy
2050ALFEC   20in. 50ft. Aluminum Economy
2450ALFEC   24in. 50ft. Aluminum Economy
810ALFEC   6in. 10ft. Aluminum Standard
1010ALFEC   8in. 10ft. Aluminum Standard
1210ALFEC   10in. 10ft. Aluminum Standard
1410ALFEC   14in. 10ft. Aluminum Standard
825ALFEC   20in. 25ft. Aluminum Standard
1225ALFEC   8in. 25ft. Aluminum Standard
450ALFEC   10in. 50ft. Aluminum Standard
650ALFEC   12in. 50ft. Aluminum Standard
850ALFEC   14in. 50ft. Aluminum Standard
1050ALFEC   6in. 50ft. Aluminum Standard
1250ALFEC   8in. 50ft. Aluminum Standard
1450ALFEC   10in. 50ft. Aluminum Standard
1650ALFEC   12in. 50ft. Aluminum Standard
2050ALFEC   14in. 50ft. Aluminum Standard
2450ALFEC   20in. 50ft. Aluminum Standard

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