Electric Fence Wire

Grip-Rite® Galvanized Electric Fence Wire is ideal for changeable environment operations. From rotational grazing to security enhancement, the corrosion resistant wire provides an additional layer of protection to any temporary to semi-permanent fencing enclosure.

Features & Benefits

  • Galvanized for superior protection against rust and corrosion

  • Provides additional security to existing system

  • Portable design for rotational grazing and temporary enclosures


SKU Wire Gauge Coating Length Reels/Carton
EFW1414 14 Galvanized 1/4mi (1,320′) 2
EFW1412 14 Galvanized 1/2 mi. (2,640′) 1
EFW1714 17 Galvanized 1/4mi (1,320′) 2
EFW1712 17 Galvanized 1/2mi (2,640′) 1

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