Window and Door Protector

Grip-Rite® Window & Door Protector Southern Blend is a self-adhesive membrane that eliminates drafts and water leaks. Use it to waterproof wood, brick, concrete, and metal surfaces and to ensure a continuous air/vapor barrier on the following structures, doors, windows, and joints between waterproofing membranes installed without overlaps.

Get comprehensive door, window and other building protection. Our window and door sealing tape offer high performance for your peace of mind.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-sealing around screws and nails

  • Consistent thickness

  • Polyurethane foam compatibility

  • Individually wrapped tape for easy installation with no special tools needed

  • UV resistance and compliance with ASTM requirements

  • Superior adhesion

  • Stays flexible at low temperature

  • Meets the most stringent weatherproofing standards

  • Acts as a constant air barrier

  • Stops drafts and water leaks

  • Resists strong winds and gusts

Grip-Rite® flashing tape provides effective protection from the elements. Our reputation is built on bringing you trustworthy solutions you can depend on. Elevate your work site and get more done with Grip-Rite® self-adhesive flashing tape.

SKU Area Width Length Rolls/Master Carton Per Roll Per Box Per Pallet
GRWRWDT4 25ft.² 4in. 75ft. 9 25ft.² 225ft.² 8,00ft.²
GRWRWDT6 38ft.² 6in. 75ft. 6 38ft.² 225ft. 8,00ft.²
GRWRWDT9 56ft.² 9in. 75ft. 4 56ft.² 225ft. 8,00ft.²
GRWRWDT12 75ft.² 12in. 75ft. 3 75ft.² 225ft. 8,00ft.²
GRWRWDT18 113ft.² 18in. 75ft. 2 113ft.² 225ft. 8,00ft.²
High Temperature
GRWRWDT4HT 25ft.² 4in. 75ft. 9 25ft.² 225ft.² 8,00ft.²
GRWRWDT6HT 38ft.² 6in. 75ft. 6 38ft.² 225ft. 8,00ft.²

Recommended Uses

Use Grip-Rite® self-adhesive flashing tape to waterproof:

  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Concrete

Achieve a continuous vapor barrier for:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Joints between waterproofing membranes, where they’re installed without overlaps.

Flashing Tape Application

Follow this application guide when using Grip-Rite® waterproofing tape for windows:

  • Apply to clean, dry surfaces
  • When working with gypsum, concrete, OSB or fiberglass panels, use Grip-Rite® primer
  • Grip-Rite® Window & Door Protector adheres over fully cured polyurethane, butyl and silicones
  • Polyurethane compatible
  • Always test a sample verifying adhesion
  • After installation, cover with a finishing material
  • For application, a minimum temperature of 14 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended

Window and Door Sealing Tape Restrictions

Take note of the following restrictions:

  • Protect from sun exposure at all times, during storage and after application
  • Do not leave the flashing tape exposed for more than 90 days
  • Avoid flexible PVC
  • Do not use on roofing

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