ProWrap Butyl Window and Door Protector tape – Your Ultimate Defense Against the Elements! ​

Protect your windows and doors with the power of Grip-Rite. Our butyl flashing tape provides a durable shield against rain, wind, and extreme weather conditions, ensuring your home remains a fortress against the elements. ​

Grip-Rite® Window & Door Protector is a primer-less self-adhering membrane that can reduce drafts and water leaks. Use it with all Grip-Rite weather barriers to provide a simplified flashing solution for doors, windows and other protrusions. Backed by a 10-year limited warranty.​


  • Primerless Application: Experience seamless installation without the need for a primer, making the process efficient and hassle-free.
  • Continuous Air Barrier: Our product goes beyond the ordinary – it seamlessly integrates into your home's structure, contributing to a continuous air barrier for enhanced protection.
  • Meets Stringent Industry Standards: Rest easy knowing that our product meets and exceeds the highest industry standards, ensuring top-notch quality and performance.
  • Resists Strong Winds and Gusts: Built to withstand nature's forces, our product is engineered to resist strong winds and gusts, providing a reliable shield for your home.
  • Flexible Sealant at Low Temperatures: No matter how low the temperatures drop, our product's sealant remains flexible, ensuring continuous protection even in the coldest conditions.
  • Conformable and UV Stable: Adaptable and UV stable, our product conforms to various surfaces while maintaining its stability under the sun's harsh rays.

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