Eave & Valley Protector

Grip-Rite® Eave & Valley Protector provides additional protection against roof damage caused by ice and water. Install beneath shingles, along with areas where water may collect such as around chimneys, valleys, vents, skylights, or other similar areas. Without proper drainage, water can accumulate and form ice dams, which cause more water to stay on the roof. Moisture on a roof can eventually work its way underneath the shingles to the roof deck and ultimately to the interior of the structure, causing additional damage.


  • 53 mil thick self-adhesive membrane composed of elastomeric bitumen with glass mat reinforcement
  • Easy-to-remove silicone treated release sheet (split-back) on the self-adhesive side
  • Non-slip, sanded finish
  • Self-sealing around nails and screws
  • Effective and hard-wearing
  • Clean and easy to install
  • No primer required
  • Consistent thickness
  • Meets ASTM Standards
  1. SKU Area Width Length Rolls/Pallet Per Box or Roll Per Pallet
    GRWR1SQ 1 SQ (99 ft.2) 36in. 65ft. Box 49 99 ft.2 3,564  ft.2
    GRWR2SQ 2 SQ (195 ft.2) 36in. 65ft. Box 25 195 ft.2 4,875  ft.2
    GRWR2SQNB 2 SQ (195 ft.2) 36in. 65ft. Labeled Roll 36 195 ft.2 7,020  ft.2

Window and Door Protector

Grip-Rite® Window & Door Protector Southern Blend is a self-adhesive membrane that eliminates drafts and water leaks. Use it to waterproof wood, brick, concrete, and metal surfaces and to ensure a continuous air/vapor barrier on the following structures, doors, windows, and joints between waterproofing membranes installed without overlaps.

  • Stays flexible at low temperature
  • Meets the most stringent weatherproofing standards
  • Provides a continuous air/vapor barrier
  • Eliminates drafts and water leaks
  • Resists strong winds and gusts
  1. Spec Sheet
  1. Size Approximate Coverage
    SKU Area Width Length Rolls/Master Carton Per Roll Per Box Per Pallet
    GRWRWDT4 25ft.² 4in. 75ft. 9 25ft.² 225ft.² 8,00ft.²
    GRWRWDT6 38ft.² 6in. 75ft. 6 38ft.² 225ft. 8,00ft.²
    GRWRWDT9 56ft.² 9in. 75ft. 4 56ft.² 225ft. 8,00ft.²
    GRWRWDT12 75ft.² 12in. 75ft. 3 75ft.² 225ft. 8,00ft.²
    GRWRWDT18 113ft.² 18in. 75ft. 2 113ft.² 225ft. 8,00ft.²
    High Temperature
    GRWRWDT4HT 25ft.² 4in. 75ft. 9 25ft.² 225ft.² 8,00ft.²
    GRWRWDT6HT 38ft.² 6in. 75ft. 6 38ft.² 225ft. 8,00ft.²