Galvanized Wire

Smooth Galvanized Wire is a multipurpose, all-encompassing wire product, perfect for general fence applications and repairs. It’s galvanized for an additional layer of protection against corrosion.

Features & Benefits

  • Secure wire around poles or cable clamps

  • Multipurpose wire for supporting artwork and binding items

  • Galvanized steel wire provides heavy-duty use outside or indoors

  • Constructed with heavy-duty gauge steel for durability


SKU Material Description Wire Gauge Coating Weight/Roll
SWG910 SMOOTH GALV WIRE 9GA 10LB 9 Galvanized 10lb
SWG9100 SMOOTH GALV WIRE 9GA 100LB 9 Galvanized 100lb
SWG1010 SMOOTH GALV WIRE 10GA 10LB CL1 10 Galvanized 10lb
SWG1110 SMOOTH GALV WIRE 11GA 10LB CL1 11 Galvanized 10lb
SWG1210 SMOOTH GALV WIRE 12GA 10LB CL1 12 Galvanized 10lb
SWG12100 SMOOTH GALV WIRE 12GA 100LB CL1 12 Galvanized 100lb
SWG1410 SMOOTH GALV WIRE 14GA 10LB 14 Galvanized 10lb
SWG14100 SMOOTH GALV WIRE 14GA 100LB 14 Galvanized 100lb
SWG1610 SMOOTH GALV WIRE 16GA 10LB 16 Galvanized 10lb
SWG16100 SMOOTH GALV WIRE 16GA 100LB 16 Galvanized 100lb
STW18 STONE WIRE 18GA 8-12.5LB CONTINOUS COILS 18 Galvanized 100lb (eight 12.5lb sub bundles)

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