Grip-Rite® Ninja™ Hidden Deck Clip

Installations are 31% faster with the Grip-Rite® Ninja Hidden Deck Clip! Eliminate the frustration of clips falling out of place or moving and creating unevenly spaced boards. These deck fastening systems feature compression-fit levers, which ensure everything stays in place for quick and easy installation. Add a clip to the board for each joist as you slide the deck boards into position and tighten the stainless steel screws.

Our composite deck clips feature serrated razor teeth for a strong grip. The Flex-Fit design is universal, offering enough versatility to create an array of patterns, including:

  • Straight
  • Diagonal
  • Herringbone

Complete projects faster and achieve stunning, lasting results with the Grip-Rite® Ninja Hidden Deck Clip.

Features & Benefits

  • Faster deck installation, as proven by an independent study conducted by professional contractors

  • Arrives ready for use with Grip-Bite clip and PrimeGuard MAX® stainless steel screws

  • Compression-fit lever accelerates installation by requiring only a single pass for seamless results

  • Grip-Bite serrated teeth are more effective at holding boards in place without falling or shifting

  • Material is a marine-grade stainless steel that withstands the elements without corrosion

  • Compatible with Wolf, TREX and Fiberon grooved deck boards

  • Provides excellent quality and value, as supported by a limited lifetime warranty

Grip-Rite® hidden deck board fasteners blend innovation with reliability. The Ninja Hidden Deck Clip speeds up projects so you can focus on productivity. Get the right fit every time with our composite deck clips.

*Deck installation is 31% faster than leading competitors’ products. Based upon a single, independent study conducted by professional contractors. 

Material Number Material Description Case Quantity Product Package Dimensions
GRNJC31650 GRIP-RITE NINJA HIDDEN DECK CLIP 316SS 50SQ FT 90 4.13L x 6.67W x 2.87H
GRNJC316500 GRIP-RITE NINJA HIDDEN DECK CLIP 316SS 500SQ FT BK 900 9.93L x 9.5W x 7.6H

PTIA 2023 Tool Innovation Award Winner

We’re dedicated to delivering top-quality hidden deck board fasteners. Grip-Rite® offers industry-leading hidden deck clips to make your job easier. We’re proud of our achievements and are inspired by our commitment to streamline building projects. Grip-Rite® accepted the Pro Tool Innovation Award in 2023 among stiff competition. All the tools were thoroughly evaluated and examined. 

Our Ninja Hidden Deck Clip shone with superior power, performance, innovation, safety and other capabilities. We’ll continue our goal to provide you with award-winning, innovative solutions.

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