The NEW Grip-Rite® ProWrap -SA is the revolutionary self-adhering house wrap that transforms building projects into a breeze! No more tools and hoses or time-consuming mechanically attached installations – simply unwrap, apply, and let ProWrap do the rest.​

Grip-Rite® ProWrap-SA is a self-adhering spunbonded polypropylene weather resistive barrier that is engineered to be vapor permeable, moisture protection barrier, and an air barrier for use in residential and commercial sidewall construction.​

Features & Benefits

  • Ultimate protection: ProWrap- SA doubles as a 2-in-1 water resistive & air barrier.

  • Primerless Install: No primer required and can be installed in 20-degree weather.

  • Built to Endure: With180 day exposure time, this house wrap ensures lasting resilience against the toughest UV conditions.

  • Drainage: >90% drainage.

  • Breathable: Offers a permeability rating of 60 perms, striking the perfect balance between breathability and durability.

  • Efficiency Beyond the Surface: A house wrap that not on protects but also contributes to annual energy savings, as well as savings on labor.

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