ShingleLayment 15-LWE-GRE

A lightweight version of our ShingleLayment-15 Pro. Woven 8 x 8 scrim polypropylene substrate coated with a non-skid polypropylene walking surface. Both top and bottom surfaces are textured to provide traction underfoot and on the roof deck. ShingleLayment can be used under any mechanically attached roofing application.

Features & Benefits

  • Lighter, stronger, and more energy efficient than felt.

  • ShingleLayment’s 10 square roll size saves costly labor and reduces waste, providing your roof with a durable temporary cover and long-lasting secondary water-shedding protection.

  • Made from tough woven polypropylene. These high tensile substrates resist tearing and blowoff from high wind exposure and are UV treated to 180 days.

  • Evenly rewound, rolls out flat, and holds a chalk line.

  • Water shedding device designed to reduce the occurrence of leaks caused by wind-driven rain, penetrating the primary roof system.

  • Used on steep-slope roofs beneath shingles, battened tiles, metal roofing, slate, wood shake and shingle, and simulated slate/shake prepared roof coverings as an alternate to ASTM D226, Type I or II or ASTM D4869 Type IV asphalt felts.

  • Textured top and bottom surface for increased friction

  • Nearly 5 times lighter than #30 felt

  • 4.6 times more coverage than #30 felt

SL154250LWE 19 LB 4′ X 250′ 10 SQ INSTALLER GRAY 72
SL154250GRE 19 LB 4′ X 250′ 10 SQ SHINGLE GRAY 72

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