ShingleLayment LWE-GRE

The ShingleLayment LWE-GRE is a lightweight underlayment version of our ShingleLayment-15 Pro®. It features a substrate made from woven 8-by-8 scrim polypropylene and a non-skid polypropylene coating for a more secure walking surface. Both the underlayment’s surfaces — top and bottom — feature texture to increase friction and offer more traction. You can use ShingleLayment under any roofing project using mechanical attachments.

Enjoy a high-quality product with impeccable performance. You get a minimized risk of damage with a lighter, quicker-to-install product. The shingle underlayment solution provides toughness and durability, increasing confidence on the project site.

Features & Benefits

  • Material that is more lightweight, energy-efficient and powerful than felt.

  • Buying in a 10-square roll increases convenience while reducing labor costs and wasted material.

  • Durability as a temporary roof cover offering lasting protection against water shedding.

  • Aiding in preventing leaks from rain that penetrates the roof in high winds.

  • Rugged woven material made from high-tensile polypropylene that better withstands tearing, wind damage and UV fading for up to 180 days.

  • Underlayment lays flat when unrolled and is suitable for chalk lines.

  • Better friction from both surfaces due to their texture.

  • Material that is nearly five times lighter than #30 felt.

  • Increased coverage — 4.6 times more than #30 felt.

SL154250LWE 19 LB 4′ X 250′ 10 SQ INSTALLER GRAY 72
SL154250GRE 19 LB 4′ X 250′ 10 SQ SHINGLE GRAY 72

Synthetic Roofing Underlayment Installation Instructions

Grip-Rite® provides underlayment for shingles, offering superior defense against tears, boot traffic and wrinkling. ShingleLayment is a lightweight underlayment solution that can be applied under shingle roofs on any project. Get safe, effective protection while you’re on the roof to increase your productivity.

Take a look at our helpful guide for installation instructions:

  • Install the ShingleLayment LWE-GRE according to the ASTM D226, D4869 underlayment requirements.
  • Clean up the area by fastening loose decking panels and removing protruding nails.
  • Remove dust and debris.
  • Install fasteners at a 90-degree angle.
  • Install ShingleLayment LWE-GRE horizontally with the print facing up.
  • Apply with 4-inch horizontal laps and 6-inch vertical laps.
  • Allow the horizontal laps to run with the flow of water and in a shingle pattern.

Application Guidelines for Underlayment Shingles

Follow our application guidelines on when and how to use underlayment for shingles:

  • Use under any compliant and finished roof surface.
  • Leverage ShingleLayment LWE-GRE as an alternative to ASTM D4869 Type IV and ASTM D226 Type I or II asphalt felts.
  • Use on steep slope roofs.
  • Apply Grip-Rite® ShingleLayment LWE-GRE under metal, slate, shingles, battened tiles, wood shake and shingle and simulated slate.
  • Do not use the underlayment as a final surface on roofs.

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