ShingleLayment-15 Pro®

Grip-Rite® ShingleLayment-15 Pro® improves traction with a non-skid polypropylene coating over a thin, 8-by-8 polypropylene sheeting with an EVA-coated backing. This underlayment is suitable for mechanically attached roofing projects that comply with relevant codes.

Minimize the risk of damage and speed up installation with this high-performance product. Our waterproof roof underlayment delivers impeccable performance with solid durability.

Features & Benefits

  • ShingleLayment-15 Pro® is more energy efficient, lighter and stronger than felt.

  • The roll is made of 10 evenly rewound squares that will lay flat and can be marked with chalk, using labor and materials more efficiently.

  • The material acts as a secondary water-shedding solution to prevent leaks from rain blown through the primary roof system.

  • This rugged substrate withstands elements like wind and sunlight for up to 180 days.

  • The material is nearly five times lighter than #15 felt while providing 2.3 times more coverage.

SL154250GRP 21 LB 4′ X 250′ 10 SQ INSTALLER GRAY 64

Synthetic Roof Underlayment Installation Instructions

Grip-Rite® ShingleLayment provides superior protection and gripping action for a safe and productive building site. Work confidently on the roof, knowing it’s protected from boot traffic. Get an effective ice and water shield underlayment solution that saves on extra costs.

Following installation guidelines will promote the best results and ensure a well-protected, safe roof:

  • Follow the ASTM D226 D4869 underlayment requirements when installing ShingleLayment-15 Pro®.
  • Sweep and clean the roofing area and remove protruding nails and loose panels.
  • Ensure all dust and debris are removed.
  • Fasteners should be installed at a 90-degree angle.
  • With the print facing up, install ShingleLayment-15 Pro® horizontally.
  • Use 4-inch horizontal laps and 6-inch vertical laps.
  • Let the horizontal laps run in a shingle pattern and flow with the water.

Synthetic Underlayment for Roof Application Guidelines

The following guidelines provide helpful insight on how and when to use Grip-Rite® ShingleLayment-15 Pro® for the best results:

  • You can install ShingleLayment-15 Pro® under any compliant and finished roof surface.
  • The product is an alternative to ASTM D226, Type I or II, or ASTM D4869 Type IV asphalt felt.
  • You can use ShingleLayment-15 Pro® on steeply sloped roofs.
  • Apply the product underneath metal, slate, shingles, battened tiles, wood shake and shingle and simulated slate.
  • ShingleLayment-15 Pro® should not be used as a final roofing surface.

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